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What you didn’t know about “Learning Styles”

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Did you know that Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences has nothing to do with “learning styles”?  The idea commonly attributed to Gardner that some people are auditory learners, while others may be visual or kinesthetic, and the implications to our classrooms are highly disputed among researchers.  Gardner himself is even surprised by the course his research took after its publication about thirty years ago. See this article from the Washington Post.

This summer I attended a very interesting professional development session that detailed many of the brain research phenomenons that are the backbone of educational practices that we use in the classroom.

One of the most interesting pieces of information was from a neuroresearcher, Professor Daniel Willingham.  Check out this video of his take on learning styles.  Watch to the end, what he says last will floor you!

What did you think about the video?  Do you think Professor Willingham is right when he says, “Good teaching is good teaching.  And teachers do not need to adjust their teaching to individual student learning styles.”

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