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Figure it all out with the help of a free starter set designed for your grade and curriculum!

This set gives you a neat and tidy way to set up a table of contents that will not take up valuable pages of your students’ composition book. You will be able to add to this table of contents without making the notebook look sloppy or having to leave a bunch of extra pages.

Maybe you don’t want to use a table of contents for your 5th grade math interactive notebook. How will your students know where to go to find the content they are looking for? Use the tabs that are specifically labeled for your 5th grade TEKS curriculum!

This free set includes:

  • table of contents booklet
  • TEKS organizer tabs
  • blank organizer tabs
  • notebook pockets
  • student reference booklet
  • notebook guidelines

Get your 5th grade math notebook organized, fun, and truly interactive with this FREE starter set.  Everything included is ready to print and use for your Texas TEKS 5th grade math classroom!

It can be tricky to get everything together to get started.  There are so many questions to consider!

What about the table of contents?  How many pages should I save?  Will I even use one?

What units should I include?  How will my students keep track of everything?

How are you going to track your students’ progress through the curriculum? You want this notebook to be really useful to them, right? The tabs have “I Can” checklists for ALL of the Texas TEKS for 5th grade math. This will help your students self-evaluate their own learning!

…and this whole set is FREE!

5th grade math interactive notebook tabs free