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Welcome!  I’m Lauren Helfer, the creator of Leaf and STEM Learning math and science educational resources.  I am also the mommy of three amazing boys, a toddler, a preschooler, and a junior high schooler.  

I have about 600 other kids, too!  They are not my own, but I spend a lot of time with them as an instructional math coach!  My campus is a Title I school in a large district just outside of Houston Texas.  My teaching career began here over twelve years ago as a fifth grade science teacher.  Throughout my career in education I have taught math and science classes for students of all instructional and language levels at the fifth and sixth grade level.  For the past four years, I have continued my career as an instructional coach specializing in math and science.

My instructional focus with my students, my teachers, and my campus is to build differentiated math experiences for at-risk students through the implementation of guided mathematics instruction.  The development of guided math in our classrooms includes daily review of computational concepts, station work for students, effective implementation of the interactive student notebook, and, most importantly, direct instruction through small group instruction.

As a teacher and an instructional leader, I have developed strengths in writing standards aligned curriculum and assessments.  My greatest strength in curriculum design is creating and analyzing assessments and assessment data. 

I began my business and website, Leaf and STEM Learning, in 2015 with the goal of creating the best and most effective mathematics materials for students and teachers at the upper elementary and middle school level.  In following this goal, my materials are focused on what teachers need to effectively and engagingly teach using guided math models in their classrooms.  Every resource I make from the smallest task card to the largest year-long curriculum is something that I not only stand behind as a business owner, but also as an experienced educator.


Lauren Helfer

Leaf and STEM Learning

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