Area models are an important tool for teaching multiplication understanding, but it can be difficult deciding where to start with your students.  In one class a teacher may have students who do not know the multiplication facts and cannot multiply all the way to students who are ready to take off with decimal multiplication.  Planning lessons for this wide variety of learners takes a lot of time because the teacher is essentially planning for at least three classes in one!

If this sounds like your class, you may want to try the Multiplying Decimals with Area Models differentiated lesson that is now a part of the lesson plan library.  The lesson plan library includes free editable lesson plans that you can download to your computer, edit, copy, and include in your school lesson planner.  There are also some free supplemental goodies to go along with the lesson plans that you can download and print to get started!

To access this lesson plans and the others in the library, you can get a free password to the library!  Just sign in here on to access the free library!

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